Mares Flexa 3.2.2 Wetsuit (2018)

$450 $385

or 3 instalments of $128.33 with

The Mares Flexa 3.2.2 Mens Wetsuit is a front-entry 3mm wetsuit with thinner sections of neoprene where you need flexibility. Thermal plush lining inside keeps your upper body warmer than traditional linings and dries much faster too. Trilastic material lets the suit move and stretch so you are unrestricted in the water. While 3mm of neoprene over your core and thighs keeps you warm, thinner 2mm sections around your knees, elbows and other areas that need flexibility allow you to move unhindered.

The front zip design means your zipper doesn’t push into your back with the weight of your cylinder but you also have a padded cushion across your back to protect your back from the weight of your cylinder and keep your back warmer too.


¦ The ultimate expression of Trilastic material design

¦ Varied thicknesses strategically placed in different areas of the body

¦ New soft ergonomic custom closure

¦ Back and shoulders comfort system: an additional layer of neoprene stitched in the back for added comfort and protection

¦ Front zip with smooth neoprene flap for greater comfort and isolation